My work with Hairprint™ began 4 years ago when the company had just emerged. I was immediately intrigued. Being the first of its kind, with a 100% non toxic solutions for silver hair. The founders of Hairprint are dedicated to being a “Hair Healing Company” and care about woman’s health, the environment and giving back 20% of the profits to educate girls. I continue to feel passionate about working with Hairprint™ and the people who seek it out. Connecting with so many fascinating people through our mutual pursuit of health and clean beauty.

The results on the first application generally yield 70%~100% coverage. Hairprint™ is only successful for black, Brown or light brown hair. We are all hopeful that the science can be applied to blondes and redheads in the future. It is a bit more time consuming than other treatments ranging from 90 min to 2.5 hours depending on desired outcome.

Hairprint™ is not a traditional dye, it works through the natural process of replacing the lost Eumelanin, which causes hair to silver. Another amazing benefit is the shine and strength that’s immediately felt after using Hairprint™. It truly restores integrity and vitality to the hair. It also does not fade red, and looks completely natural outdoors. Hairprint™ is a great choice for both women and men. Wether just to subdue grey or completely restore silver Hair to its natural color.

If your interested in maintaining Hairprint™ and doing the application yourself at home, I will curate a customized formula to achieve the best results.
Hairprint™ is a small science-based company in Sausalito, California. They began working with Dr. John Warner four years ago to create a non-toxic method to restore gray hair to its natural color. Dr. Warner co-founded a scientific discipline called green chemistry, which takes its cues from nature and biology. Green chemistry employs benign non-toxic molecules to achieve better results than synthetic chemicals.
Using only food grade ingredients Hairprint™ restores grey hair to its innate color by mimicking the natural process of pigmentation. The patented formula takes these natural ingredients and combined creates one more natural ingredient, Eumelanin the natural pigment that colors your hair.
BAKING SODA: What we use at Jone for baking and cleaning
MACUNA PRURIENS: Extract is made from velvet beans
SODIUM CARBONATE: Is made from salt and limestone
FERROUS and MANGANESE GLUCONATE: Are both vitamin supplements
HYDRIGEN PEROXIDE: 3% is made of oxygen and water and naturally occurs in the hair follicle.
CARBOMER: Is an inert thickener and is commonly used in shampoos and pharmaceuticals

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Is naturally occurring sedimentary rocks.

In Preparation For Your HAIRPRINT™ Appointment

Appointment times range between 2.5 – 3.5hrs depending on hair type and additional services.
• For best results wash hair with HAIRPRINT™ Clarifying Shampoo the night before or morning of your appointment
• Do not condition the silver hair, and be mindful of face creams making contact with your hairline both of these  will prevent absorption and results could be compromised
• Wear comfortable clothing

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